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taking a baby to fiji - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Fiji (Viti Levu)

By Rebecca, mother of Samara

Our daughter Samara was nine months when we took her to Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. We went for a friend’s wedding. The bride chose Fiji because she had a small baby too and wanted a destination wedding not too far from home.

We stayed at a big hotel on the Coral Coast. It was a great, child-friendly resort, packed for the school holidays. There was a moment of  realisation that we no longer go to cool hotels; we now go to family resorts where you line up for the breakfast buffet and kids bomb in the pool!

We spent most days by the pool. The water was cool but after some coaxing Samara loved it. She’d snooze, have lunch, then snooze again. We left the property once for a tour and put her in daycare with the Fijian nannies, who were fantastic. We paid $300 Fijian (about AUD150) for four days’ care and they were really flexible. You got up to eight hours per day, so the night of the wedding I put her in from 5pm to midnight and ‘visited’ a couple of times. If only childcare in Sydney was that easy… and cheap!

On our other evenings, we went out to dinner while Samara slept in her stroller. She slept really well at night. There’s only a two hour time difference so we stayed on Sydney time which made life really easy. She went to bed at 9pm (7pm at home) and got up at 9am. There were no sleep dramas when we got home either because of that routine.

We had a lovely holiday and will definitely do it again. Samara has already been to Hawaii, too, so she’s going to be one well-travelled little girl.

Baby in Fiji
Rebecca and Samara take a stroll
baby in Fiji
Having fun in the sun