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Baby in Phuket (Nai Yang) - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Phuket (Nai Yang)

By Carlie, mother of Dakota

We love Phuket. It’s absolutely beautiful and seemed like the perfect first family holiday destination.We stayed at Indigo Pearl as  it’s one of our favourite resorts and it’s only 10 minutes from the airport. We didn’t want to arrive at our destination then have to drive another few hours to the accommodation.

We flew Jetstar – it’s the only carrier that flies direct to Phuket – on an afternoon outbound flight. Dakota slept for the majority of  it. She only woke to play once. Within two days she was happily adjusted to Thai time. The flight home was a night flight and she  slept for seven of the nine hours which threw her straight back into Australian time. Highly recommend the night flight home!

We didn’t take a car seat. Thailand is very liberal when it comes to road laws so Dakota travelled on my lap from the airport to the resort – lucky it was only a 10-minute drive.

Dakota had a ball. She loved swimming with her dad (swimming = a very tired little girl) and exploring in her pram. We would do one big exploration a day – usually a walk on the beach or through the local village. I definitely recommend buying a holiday style pram which folds up easily and is light to travel with. Dakota was fascinated by all the scooters and the hustle and bustle. Thais love babies and she received plenty of attention which also meant Mum and Dad had plenty of extra help.

We ate out every night (except for one when we ordered room service) either at the resort or at one of the local restaurants on the beach. Dakota was very happy to sit in her pram, eat her banana and enjoy the attention. Dakota never wants to see another banana. We definitely overdosed but it was the perfect option – easy to get and easy to eat.

It was so nice not worrying about daily chores back home. There was a fair amount of planning involved but it was all worth it. I really can’t think of a single thing we would have done differently.

Poolside at the resort
Poolside at the resort
Dakota prepares for her daily outing
Dakota prepares for her daily outing