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Baby in Maine (Swan’s Island) - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Maine (Swan’s Island)

By Hannah, mother of Mattie and Sully

We were living in New York temporarily and wanted a family holiday with no flights for Sully, three months, and his sister Mattie, who turned two during the trip. We wanted to totally escape the city, so we drove to Maine and then got a ferry from the mainland to Swan’s Island, where we had hired a house through Airbnb. The car ride was long but we chose to travel at night to avoid the traffic and so it was easier for the kids to sleep.

The island is pretty remote and has a year-round population of about 350 people. This was Sully’s first time away from home so it was a big adjustment. You have to take all your provisions (food, booze) with you so we planned all our our meals and drinks in advance. But at least this meant we could stick to our tried and tested favourites, food-wise.

We weren’t planning on being too adventurous but if the kids were older, we could have gone hiking or camping in Arcadia National Park. As it was, we all enjoyed our downtime searching forĀ  ‘treasure’ on the beach and buying lobster from the local fishermen. All the locals were very friendly.

Once the little ones were in bed, we enjoyed absolute serenity with stunning views of the sunset on the water, then the moon rising and total peace and quiet. It was bliss. The highlight for me was being ‘forced’ to spend lots of quality family time together with no TV, mobile phone coverage (no husband on Blackberry! no me on Facebook!) or internet connection. It was just a lovely, simple family holiday.

Remote Swan's Island, Maine
Remote Swan's Island, Maine
Swan's Island with a baby
Hannah and Mattie relax in the sunshine