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Baby inVietnam (Phu Quoc) - Baby On Holiday

Baby inVietnam (Phu Quoc)

By Liz, mother of Louis, 2

We took a trip from where we’re based in Singapore to Phu Quoc, a beautiful island off the west coast of Vietnam. A friend of my older son, Henry, was going there from Sydney so we thought we would tag along on their holiday. We overnighted in Hanoi then flew the next morning to the island. Taking the trip with a wriggling toddler and a four year old with only one parent was hard work! We stayed at a resort in our own villa, which was lovely, but it had an unfenced pool, so I had to be on high alert all the time.

Louis had a great time. He ate really well. The breakfast buffet was the best meal of the day, with many food options. I also stashed bread, muffins and small cakes for snacks later on in the day. I’ve learned to not get too worried about eating at every mealtime when travelling. Like adults I think kids can lose a bit of their appetite.

We played at the kids pool pretty much all day every day and it was great to see the boys become more confident in the water. In the evenings we hung out with our friends. Regardless of who was tired, asleep, having a hard day, cocktails / mocktails at sunset is always the best remedy.

I’d say the most challenging element was taking care of two kids by myself – there’s really no down time, unless you can get a babysitter to tag in while you scoot off for a massage! And although the villa was absolutely gorgeous and completely luxurious (we were upgraded for free), I would probably skip the private pool at that age. The anxiety levels were too high with a roaming toddler on the loose!


Vietnam-Phu-Quoc-Beach with a baby
Idyllic Phu Quoc, not too far away!
baby in phu quoc vietnam
Louis (centre) enjoys his big trip