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Baby in Vietnam (Hanoi) - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Vietnam (Hanoi)

By Bianca, mother of Coco

When Coco was about four months old, my partner was making plans for a short work trip to Vietnam, so we decided to extend the break to three and a half weeks and make it into a holiday for the whole family. He’s travelled there before on several occasions so we knew a bit about what to expect.
We flew out of Sydney and on to Vietnam with an overnight stop in Singapore. Coco enjoyed the flight! She slept for most of it and the take off and landing didn’t seem to bother her at all.
For the duration of our trip we were based in Hanoi in North Vietnam. Our hotel was downtown but our room was on Level 10 which meant we were well above street level – a must as the noise from the traffic is constant, night and day. Even from Level 10 we could not escape the noise of the traffic below.

During the day we did a lot of sightseeing which meant a lot of walking. Public transport is pretty well non-existent and taxis don’t generally have seat belts let alone baby seats. The traffic is chaotic – there don’t seem to be any road rules at all – so travelling on foot seemed like the best option all round. I did use cabs a couple of times though and used a baby carrier to hold Coco.

In the evenings it was very easy to take Coco out to dinner. The locals love babies so are very accommodating. They even offered to hold Coco while we enjoyed our meal, sometimes finding it hard to pass her back at the end of the evening. They loved her. In fact it was the people who made the trip for us; everyone we encountered along the way was very baby-friendly. And Coco loved meeting them! She was fascinated by all the action and spent hours watching the people, bikes and scooters go by. She also got a lot of attention when we browsed the shops.
Our three weeks went by really quickly and we are looking forward to our next holiday already.

Buying fried banana
Buying fried banana