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Baby in Bali (Nusa Dua) - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Bali (Nusa Dua)

 By Jocelyne, mother of  Harry and Archie

We chose Bali because you’re guaranteed good weather whatever the season and it’s a shortish flight, which would have been OK had Archie, seven months, not picked up gastro. He was absolutely fine until 30 minutes before we were due to board. I fed him his dinner and it came straight back up. He didn’t stop vomiting for 24 hours. That aside, it’s less than six hours which is just about bearable with little ones. Harry, 2, was overexcited about going on a big plane and didn’t sleep despite us taking a night flight. We had a bassinet for Archie and on the way back Harry fitted in a spare one so it was blissful!

We stayed at Club Med in Nusa Dua because it’s geared for kids. You get a connecting room, which in my opinion is a must. They have brilliant kids’ clubs for two-year-olds and above and nannies for the younger ones. You have to pay extra for both but it’s worth it. Our nanny, Switi, cost AU$3 an hour plus $10 a day to use the Club Med facilities and both kids adored her.

We fed our kids breakfast and dinner in the room, but lots of parents would fit their kids around the restaurant times. Harry ate lunch and afternoon tea at kids’ club. I asked them not to feed him ice cream and sugary things and they stuck to it. There is a baby corner in the main restaurant where you can sterilize your bottles, get yoghurt, cartons of milk and fresh, homemade, pureed baby food. You can even make special requests.

Sleepwise, Harry was a dream – he hardly even noticed the time difference – whereas Archie struggled a bit. I had to go back to feeding him in the middle of the night, which I hadn’t done for months. Not really what you want on holiday when you’re trying to catch up on sleep!

Our days were peaceful. They were pretty much kid free. We spent a lot of time at the ‘quiet pool’, played golf, archery, badminton, we had leisurely lunches, massages and went for walks along the beach. In the evenings, the nanny came back and looked after the kids so we could have dinner together. I really treasure those times as we don’t get to do it very often.

taking a baby to bali nusa dua club med
The beach at Nusa Dua
baby in Nusa Dua Bali
A daybed to remember