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Baby in Dubai - Baby On Holiday

Baby in Dubai

By Kerry, mother of  Pippa

We were on our way to London and decided we’d break up Pippa’s first overseas flight in Dubai. She slept for eight hours of the 14-hour flight so the journey was much better than anticipated. Pippa slept so we did, too.

At our hotel we’d paid a bit extra to have access to the club lounge, which included all-day nibbles and drinks. We were so glad we did, considering it was a blistering 40 degrees and we couldn’t go outside for long! It also meant we had somewhere to eat, drink and relax that was air conditioned and comfortable (there were high chairs) plus it saved us money in what is a pretty expensive city.

The six-hour time difference was a challenge. Pippa didn’t sleep well and needed a lot of extra attention in the night, but was still in good spirits in the day. We exposed her to a few new things on the food front, such as hummous and toast, which she loved. She also had a lot of natural yoghurt and fresh fruit. Carrot sticks were a big hit, although she mostly just sucked on them, waved them around and then threw them on the floor. Hours of fun!

Pippa is a very smiley baby and every waiter, doorman and porter wanted to say hello. Trouble was they didn’t go away or kept coming back and at times it was a bit much! On the upside everyone made us feel very comfortable and wanted.

Our first outing was  to the Dubai Mall and the aquarium. It was an eye-opener to discover that men aren’t allowed in the baby change rooms and there’s nowhere to breast feed. In the evenings we stayed mostly in the hotel lounge or our room. We had a separate bedroom so could put Pippa to sleep and then eat and have a glass of wine ourselves.

We loved our holiday although to be honest I don’t think stopping in Dubai helped Pippa adjust to London time, so maybe next time we’ll just power through.

taking a baby to Dubai
The Ritz Carlton in Dubai
taking a baby on holiday to Dubai
Kerry and Pippa escape the desert heat