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In the Sun - Baby On Holiday

In the Sun

Taking baby on a sunshine-filled holiday needn’t be something to stress about. All you need is a little hot-weather know how.

  1. The vast majority of sunscreens (including those marketed at children) are not suitable for babies under six months.  Keep baby out of the sun at all times, cover up with a sunsuit and if you want to protect little hands and feet use a zinc preparation such as Babies Only Clear Zinc Sunscreen http://babyonholiday.com.au/shop/products/clear-zinc-sun-screen/.
  2. Hot weather can make us all lethargic so don’t panic if baby seems to be sleeping more than usual. You only need to be concerned if you have problems rousing her.
  3. If your baby is 100 per cent breast fed, you don’t need to bother with extra hydration as breast milk naturally changes in hot climates to a more watery consistency. If you’re bottle feeding, it’s a good idea to take some sachets of blackcurrant flavoured Gastrolyte or Hydrolyte. It’s a good idea for breast feeding mums to drink this, too.
  4. Don’t rely on shade from sun umbrellas for baby as the rays can get through. Seek out shade from a solid structure or use a shade cloth that’s been treated with UV protection. http://babyonholiday.com.au/shop/products/sun-cover/
  5. Until about eight or nine years old, a child has no filters in the eye to block out UV light. Baby sunglasses aren’t just made to look cute! They block out harmful UVA and UVB rays. http://babyonholiday.com.au/shop/products/baby-sunglasses/